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Feedforward and self-responsibility: the way to manage millennials performance

9-10-19 11:56 / by Agim Veselaj posted in Blog



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 Last week we had our VIE People tech expert Ryan shine some light on how to choose the right HR tech tool. Today we zoom in on one of these tools: Peddy, a tool that shakes up the manager-employee dynamic as we know it. Co-founder Ergin Borova: “These days millennials are entering the workforce with two or three master’s degrees. They won’t respond well to belittling standardised performance management forms. They expect to be taken seriously and they should. So give them ownership of the process.”

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Introducing A. Veselaj at the biggest startup hub in Amsterdam

4-7-19 13:28 / by Agim Veselaj



Ever since B. opened her second B. Amsterdam building, our ecosystem has been a hotspot for HR Tech. Agim Veselaj, CTO and co-founder of Peddy, tries to revolutionize performance management. Peddy is a philosophy captured in a tool that allows businesses to radically improve their performance reviews. But Peddy is more than your normal disruptive technology. It is your ‘buddy’ that promises to help businesses align their goals and objective, not just once or twice a year but continuously and without interruption.

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